The confusing and convoluted continuity of “War of the…

The confusing and convoluted continuity of “War of the Worlds”.

1953: Earth is invaded by “Martians” who succumb to Earth bacteria.

1988: The “dead” bodies of the stored “Martians” that never decomposed and are theorized to have instead gone into anabiosis (suspended animation) revive due to exposure to radiation that kills the incapacitating bacteria. These aliens are anatomically different from their appearance in 1953, having a trilobed eye rather than the large tricolored lens-like eye seen in the aliens 25 years earlier.
The revived aliens are later identified as “Mor-Taxans,” perhaps having used Mars as a staging ground for an invasion that was launch from Mor-Tax.
The Mor-Taxans merge with human hosts, taking control of their bodies, but are still vulnerable to Earth’s microbes. As a result, the aliens keep themselves exposed to radioactive material which creates visible radiation burns on their human host bodies.
The leaders of the Mor-Taxans, three aliens known collectively as “The Advocacy,” revert to their original form and wear environmental suits to protect themselves from Earth bacteria.

Almost Tomorrow: This appears to be sometime in the early 1990s in a post-apocalyptic world. A second wave of aliens, anatomically similar to the Mor-Taxans, arrive from a world they call Morthrai. It is less than clear if Morthrai is a different planet from Mor-Tax or another name for Mor-Tax.
The newly arrived aliens seem technologically more advanced than the Mor-Taxans, having organic technology that allows them to bioengineer themselves to have the appearance of humans as well as complete resistance to Earth bacteria, eliminating both the need for radiation exposure and the associated tissue damage.
The Morthren summarily execute the Mor-Taxans for failing to conquer Earth.