I saw Blade Runner 2049 yesterday.  It’s very good.  Note: This is useful to watch the three short…

I saw Blade Runner 2049 yesterday.  It’s very good.  

Note: This is useful to watch the three short films 2022,2036 and 2048  before or after 2049.  Bring some lights on some past events mentioned in the film, without much details.    

Some comments, no big spoilers, but you can prefer to watch the film first: 

2049 has all the elements that made the first film a classic…and also a commercial flop: this is slow paced, atmospheric and sometimes ambiguous.  This is audacious to make a 185 billion dollars movie like this.  There are some action scenes, but this is not the essence of the film. Will it be a commercial success ?  Not sure.  But I hope it will work. There are so many action films these days, this is a joy to see a more serious sci-fi film from time to time. 

I liked the movie a lot.  Is it a masterpiece, like some reviewers said ? Not sure, I have some reservation about the scenario.  I should watch it again one day. 


In a way, I would have liked a little more details about the Replicants and their interaction with humans.

Why using these humanoids, instead of machines or computers?  What are their abilities and limitations, what is supposed to control them ?

But, for this story, I prefer some obscurity than too much explanation.  This is, before all, an existential fable.   

I liked a lot the storyline with Joi.  

As with the first film, a lot of biblical themes.    

Conclusion: (SOME SPOILERS) 

At the end, a lot of questions remain, maybe a little too much.  But again, for this story, I prefer some obscurity than too much clarity.  Some good articles on the net about the mysteries, like this one.  (SPOILERS).

2049 left me with a strong impression. Some visuals remains in my head.  Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins didn’t follow the easy road to make the city more spectacular, with a lot of flying cars: this L.A. is impressive, and bleaker, an Earth that became more cold and artificial.    

 As a geeky introvert, who cares sometimes for fictional characters and has some difficulty to talk to people, this story about artificiality and reality resonates with me and gives me some things to think.

And now, I’m very curious to see what Denis Villeneuve will choose for his next film.   A remake of Dune is a possibility.  I would prefer something new.