Sorry, FoldiMate, but your attempt to bring a …

Sorry, FoldiMate, but your attempt to bring a little Retrofuture roboticism into the real world needs a bit more R&D.

Clothes washers and dryers work not just because they take the drudgery out of these tasks but because they greatly collapse the time required, too. FoldiMate doesn’t look to be a lot faster than manual folding.

Also, those shirts look like they’ve been fully buttoned up and pressed. That’s not what real laundry is like.

What people want is a machine that takes a laundry basket full of random and jumbled clothes and towels and folds and stacks them without any additional human intervention. Even if such a machine took quite a bit longer to do this than a person would, that wouldn’t necessarily be a deal killer. My dish washer might take longer to do a load of dishes that I would but the point is I didn’t have to do it.

And the nearly $1000 price tag for FoldiMate doesn’t help either.