Copyright law could put end to net memes

Copyright law could put end to net memes:

I rarely if ever stray from classic sci fi posts and the occasional science article. But a YouTube podcast from the Anti-Trekker brought up a proposed piece of legislation in the European Parliament that could apparently shut down access within the EU to an enormous amount of user-generated content that contains limited use of copyrighted material.

According to this Boing Boing article, the implementation of the Copyright Directive, as the legislation is called, would be enforced in part by software “bots” that would censor content that is routinely protected by provisions like “Fair Use” in the United States, “Fair Dealing” in the United Kingdom, and analogous legislative exceptions in several countries.

I abstain from politics online and have no informed opinion about the Copyright Directive. But I would be interested in any informed opinions, particularly from folks within the EU, about this proposed legislation that would seem to have both tremendous implications for both the creators and consumers of online content and that has gotten very little attention from most major news outlets.