Neill Blomkamp Is Bringing RoboCop Back To The…


RoboCop is getting another entry in its series.  We last saw the character in a 2014 attempt at a reboot that was mostly overlooked.  This new version will be directed by Neill Blomkamp (’District 9′) and based on a script that was pitched as a sequel back when the original film hit theaters.  Writers Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner will produce the new film with Justin Rhodes (who co-wrote the script for the upcoming ‘Terminator’ sequel) re-writing their original version.  No word on casting or production just yet.  

(h/t Deadline)

So, after a vague possibility of a District 9 II and an Alien project that never went very far, Blomkamp is now working on RoboCop.  I like a lot the character, so I’m split between an intense curiosity (Blomkamp seems the perfect guy for the job) and my increasing fatigue of sequels and reboots.  As always, all will depend if the scenario is good or not.