I saw Ant-Man and Wasp this week-end (coming late in a theater near me). 

This is a very light movie. If Infinity War was a comic book series (and it was, originally), Ant-Man and the Wasp would be the back pages story.  And that works well with Ant-Man, a small adventure for all the family.  This is one of my favorite heroes and I liked the movie (with some minor reservation).

Some comments with SPOILERS :

What I like: 

A different tone than other super heroes movies.  No big villain, but in this case, this is not necessary.  

I like how Scott is mostly an ordinary guy, with a job and a daughter, and makes big errors.  

Michelle Pfeiffer is a good choice for Janet.  First time we see Michael Douglas and her in a same movie, I think.  

Cassie is a nice character.  If the MCU lasts long enough, maybe we will see Stature one day.   

This is fun.  

Positive message: Ex-cons who want to do the right thing should have a chance to work (something to think about in the case of a director recently fired by Disney).  

What could have been a little better: 

I like Hope (Evangeline Lilly), and she has good action scenes, but she could be fleshed a little bit more as a character: could have some personal traits, maybe a little flaw.  Despite the title, she still feels like a secondary character. 

I was surprised to see: 

Bill Foster (Black Goliath) in the MCU.  This is a minor character, created in 1966, who was killed in the comic version of Civil War.


He fought a clone of Thor, and the match lasted only a few seconds. 

After credits scene

So, Scott is one of the very few heroes alive outside of the original Avengers. 

Janet warns Scott about temporal vortexes in the quantum realm.  

Temporal vortex…the kind of thing you can use for time travel ? Could be the most important thing in the MCU at this point.