Robert Fortier and Grace Lee Whitney share a s…

Robert Fortier and Grace Lee Whitney share a scene in the 1964 Outer Limits episode “Controlled Experiment”. Like the Twilight Zone episode “Cavender is Coming,” this OL outing was intended to be a backdoor pilot to a comedic spinoff program. Neither went to series.

Robert Fortier would go on to guest star in the 1968 Star Trek TOS episode “By Any Other Name”. Unlike the aforementioned Outer Limits episode, the comedy actually worked in the Trek installment as Scotty (James Doohan) and Fortier’s character, an alien of the Kelvin Empire from the Andromeda Galaxy called Tomar, got drunk together. Tomar in Spanish has several meanings one of which is “to drink”.

Grace Lee Whitney would of course go on to portray Yeoman (later Chief Petty Officer and later still Lieutenant junior grade) Janice Rand in the Star Trek franchise.