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Very few Tumblr posts contain references to both Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge and a pickup truck. This is one of those posts.

DC Comics Versus Pulps Covers:

Was the cover art for DC’s anthology titles of the 1950s substantially inspired by pulp sci fi illustrations? Dark Worlds Quarterly’s G.W. Thomas takes up the question.

He felt all at once like an ineffectual moth, fluttering at the windowpane of reality, dimly seeing it from outside.

Ages 5 and up. And you thought Generation X grew up in a more innocent time? Our parents didn’t shield us from the horrors of alien first contact. And the kid, disturbingly, seems delighted.

Old School Science Fiction is sponsored by Robot Cream. This Polish polish is a must if you want your mechanical compatriot to have that factory-new sheen. Don’t let nuclear fallout, Martian sandstorms, or laser rifle damage dull your automaton’s luster. Use Robot Cream.

SOURCE: grafiteria

This look could mean “We’re gonna get along just fine” or “I can knock you onto your backside with one hand while holding a glass of Saurian brandy in the other without spilling a drop.”

Incidentally, who puts books on a shelf that way?

Last night’s entertainment at Casa Old School Sci Fi was 1953′s Adventures of Superman episode “Panic in the Sky” in which the Last Son of Krypton suffered from amnesia after crashing into an asteroid that was on a collision course with Earth. 

Happy birthday to the late, great Patrick Troughton, universally remembered by Old School Sci Fi fans as the Second Doctor. The classically trained actor who portrayed the clownish but cunning Time Lord was born on this day in 1920.

NASA fixes Mars lander by hitting it with a shovel:

NASA then pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at a star of interest by sideswiping it against the International Space Station.

Star Trek / Lost in Space crossover?

William Shatner, Angela Cartwright, and Jonathan Harris.