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Ages 5 and up. And you thought Generation X grew up in a more innocent time? Our parents didn’t shield us from the horrors of alien first contact. And the kid, disturbingly, seems delighted.


by David


How will humanity react if we discover life somewhere out there in the Universe, whether it’s bacteria under the surface of Mars, a bio signature of alien life in the atmosphere of another world, or a radio signal from another civilization. Will our civilization lose its collective mind and have a temper tantrum on a global scale? Will we become one of those purge planets from Rick and Morty? Will the discovery suddenly end all religion, as we wait for guidance from our new alien overlords? Will we gather together as a species to present a common front to whatever cosmic horrors await us beyond the Solar System?

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There are billions of planets in the Universe that, theoretically, can support life. But so far, we haven’t discovered any aliens out there. Maybe the reason is we’re just looking in the wrong places. What if alien life isn’t anything like the life we know of? What if it doesn’t need water? Or oxygen? What if it can withstand incredibly hot temperatures? Or very acidic environments? And what would we need to search for to finally find it?

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Perfect Organism

George Sellas


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12" x 24" screen print,
numbered edition

of 250.

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Alien by

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13" x 19" art print

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Art by Nicolas Alejandro Barbera

Alien: Resurrection (1997, in story year: 2386), Alien: Covenant (2017, in story year: 2104)

Theory: the small experimental alien with nose in Covenant is a Mickey Mouse-xenomorph hybrid, a foreshadowing of things to come. The franchise belongs to Disney now.   


Alien 1979 tribute by Claudiu Limbasan