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Some Star Trek TOS critics complain that old s…

Some Star Trek TOS critics complain that old school Trek Tech is stuck in the 1960s. But are detractors mistaking the design aesthetic for the underlying technology? EC Henry investigates.

EC Henry’s YouTube channel taken down

A couple of months ago I posted HERE about YouTube taking down Lore Reloaded, one of Old School Sci Fi’s favorite YouTube science fiction channels, and asked for your help in getting Lore’s channel reestablished. Lore had a lot of people online going to bat for him and his channel was quickly restored.

Now, and on equally nonexistent grounds, EC Henry’s YouTube channel has been terminated. As with Lore Reloaded, there is no evidence that EC Henry is guilty of “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.” While I tend to disagree with a lot of EC’s opinions about Star Wars and Star Trek, he produces quality content and does so within YouTube’s terms of service.

If you’re on Twitter, how about helping a fellow sci fi fan out and tweeting a message @youtube and/or @teamyoutube asking them to reinstate EC Henry’s channel?

For the Old School Trek fans.

For the Old School Trek fans.

After Star Trek: Enterprise and the Earth-Romulan War. Before Star Trek TOS.

EC Henry presents “Pacific 201″.

Coming in 2019.