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Via @Star Citizen

Via @Star Citizen

Planet Alpha Via Playstation

Planet Alpha

Via Playstation

Via Spacedock

Via Spacedock

ionlands: Welcome to the Future A future where cars can fly and…


Welcome to the Future

A future where cars can fly and old roads are merely used for people to walk on.
We are building this city from voxels. It’s a vertical city with a strongly stylized cyberpunk aesthetic.

Cool new Cyberpunk game in development!!

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Sizzle reel from SciFiction’s coverage of Magic City Con…

Sizzle reel from SciFiction’s coverage of Magic City Con 2018!!

Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Garrison Woods

Sizzle reel from SciFiction’s coverage of Comicpalooza in…

Sizzle reel from SciFiction’s coverage of Comicpalooza in Houston TX

Music by Empire of the Sun…/em…/284433289

Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

Starfield – E3 Announcement Teaser The First original whole new…

Starfield – E3 Announcement Teaser

The First original whole new epic Sci-Fi franchise
by Bethesda in 25 years!! The next adventure!! 😀

Who You Gonna Call? Have you ever wanted to be a…

Who You Gonna Call?

Have you ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster? Of course you have. The good news is that your time may come sooner rather than later in the upcoming Sony game Ghostbusters World. Ghostbusters World will be available in 2018 for anyone interested in capturing ghosts with a proton pack.

Ghostbusters World will be an augmented reality game featuring many of our favorite characters, items, and ghosts. This will also likely include some new additions to the Ghostbusters universe, considering that Sony is working closely with Ghost Corps (Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman’s company devoted to the Ghostbusters franchise). Sony also owns the rights to the franchise, giving them free reign over concepts from the original films, the reboot film, comic books, video games, and theme parks. It is purely, 100% official.

The gameplay concept seems to be quite similar to that of Pokémon Go. This will allow players to explore the world hunting for ghosts in and around their own home town or across the world. Although there is no specific release date, Ghostbusters World will be released sometime
in 2018. Who you gonna call?

Article by Christian Campbell

“Virtual Future” Virtual reality is a concept that has…

“Virtual Future”

Virtual reality is a concept that has existed for decades. However, it has only been achieved on a practical level much more recently. Facebook’s child company, Oculus, seriously kickstarted the movement’s hype in 2015. Since then, the increase in public interest was exponential, so much so that companies such as HTC, Google, Apple, and Sony have jumped on the development bandwagon, each creating their own versions of virtual and augmented reality gear. In this article, we will discuss the current applications and future possibilities of virtual and augmented reality technology. This includes certain misgivings part of the public fears may come to pass.

Perhaps the largest draw of contemporary virtual reality gear is its use in video games. The oculus rift led this trend with its 2016 release, but the combination of its limited functionality and initially high cost made for a slower release than Oculus would have liked. Augmented and virtual reality headsets were even sold in accompaniment to certain cell phones in 2016 and 2017 with more successful sales numbers at a relatively low cost. Using their cell phones, users could play video games and even view certain videos and pictures while feeling the sensation of a true three dimensional perspective. In 2018 the most common developmental track seems to be focused around removing cords and other physical hindrances in order to more fully immerse the user and thereby increase popularity. Only time will tell if this will be a success.

In the future, virtual reality can be used in various fields, branching out from the relatively mundane uses we experience currently. This can include psychotherapy, education, athletic training, and much more. Television shows and movies like the soon-to-be-released Ready Player One have already explored some of these possibilities and continue to do so. However, there are two sides to every coin. Some have expressed a fear of what exposure to a “false reality” could do to people. Some productions like Netflix’s Black Mirror have even shown the darker sides of what could happen to people when they experience things in a virtual or augmented reality. Are the positive possibilities worth the risks, or are we destined to fall to the greed and immorality of certain members of the human race as predicted by some? Perhaps we will even find out in our lifetime.

Article by Christian Campbell

“E3’s Contribution to Consumers” Since 1995, the Electronic…

“E3’s Contribution to Consumers”

Since 1995, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3, has featured the most widely known and highly anticipated developers, actors, and hardware known and yet-to-be-disclosed to man. In the last 22 years, the expo’s popularity has only grown. Formerly an industry-only event, mere civilians can now purchase tickets in order to be front row for the unveiling of new software and hardware alike.

Before E3, there were tech expos that featured video games (including the Consumer Electronics Show and the European Computer Trade Show), but by the 1990’s, it became apparent that the video game industry deserved its own platform with which to reach its audience and media. With this in mind, the Entertainment Software Association presented its new brainchild, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This gave the gaming companies of the time, like Sega and Nintendo, a place where they were welcome to showcase their video game developments in the spotlight, rather than a side show.

Big-name companies such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have presented exhibitions at the expo and always draw the masses’ attention to E3. In 2017, the 15,000 people who were lucky enough to purchase tickets to the event were the first non-industry members allowed to attend. With E3 2018 fast-approaching, the anticipation is so real, you can almost taste it.

Article by Christian Campbell