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In praise of retrofuturism – BBC Ideas: undefined

The predictions for 2020 we got horribly wrong:

It’s the year Whatever and The Future failed to materialize. You know the drill, folks.



Meet Fritz Kahn, the physician and pioneering illustrator who is that rare Retrofuturist who actually got it more or less right. Dr. Kahn correctly predicted the integration of electronics into medicine to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients anticipating both telemedicine and health information technology.


r/RetroFuturism – 1985 Sinclair C5 electric vehicle:

In the waning days of the Retrofuture, the hoped for jetpacks and flying cars had given way to…this. The Sinclair C5 was little more than a short-range electric tricycle that could attain a less than impressive 15 miles per hour top speed.

This Reagan-Thatcher Era proto-Segway was created by English entrepreneur and inventor Sir Clive Sinclair and was an instantaneous commercial flop. The vehicle later developed a small cult following with some C5 enthusiasts substantially “modding” their C5s.

Ohhhkay, Retrofuture! I guess you examined the unspeakable horrors of the Great War and asked, “Now, how can I make this worse?”

The Retrofuture took care of that whole “helicopter parents” thing but good.

What next? Kids leading space fleets against aliens?

Oh. Right.

Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit:

A lengthy and detailed analysis – and lament – about how and why the Retrofuture failed to materialize.