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i don’t know who needs to hear this right now but the tomb raider reboot is free on steam until 3/23/20 (tomorrow at time of writing)

Tomb Raider and Temple of Osiris free on Steam today (March 23) 

Other freebies: As usual, there are two free games (Watch Dogs, The Stanley Parable) this week on the Epic Game Store, and new free games every Thursday.   

Bottom of the 9th: A digital adaptation of a fun little dice game about baseball is free for a limited time on the Apple Store and on Google Play.  And you can have a free Steam key if you contact the developers.  See this page.  

Blade Runner, the 1997 video game that takes place in the world of a 1982 movie set in 2019 and loosely based on a 1968 novel.  

This acclaimed point-and-click adventure game is now compatible with modern computers thanks to and available since a few weeks. 

I bought it (as a Christmas gift to myself) and began to play it.  So far, as someone who likes Blade Runner, it’s a delight.  You play Ray McCoy, a Blade Runner, with a flying car, you have cases to solve and Replicants to find, you search for clues, can use an ESPER machine to examine photos, the dialogues are fully voiced (different languages available) and the story is interesting.  All the rain and the atmosphere are there.  Note: This is not a remake, the game has old pixel graphics (very nice ones).  

Video game Superhot (for PC, Mac) currently free on Epic Games for only one day, until tomorrow morning (22 December).  A free game each day for Holidays.  (You simply need a free Epic Game account, to click on the game and you can keep it forever, no need to download it now).  

Meadow (2016) Currently in sale on Steam for the day, and regularly in sales.   

I played it yesterday for the first time.  A peaceful multiplayer game where you play an animal exploring a beautiful landscape. The main goal is to collect special glowing flowers and essence points from monoliths.  The markings on them indicate how many animals are necessary to break them, and, sometimes, they need a specific animal.  So, you find some other animals (indicated on your map) and explore together for a time.  You communicate only with emotes.  It’s not a survival game, there is no hunger, no wound and no death.  You start as a badger, and you unlock appearances, new emotes and other animals with points.  It’s beautiful and surprisingly effective.  Not sure how long the fun lasts, but, after my first evening, it’s already worth the price (it’s not expensive). It’s a place I will go back from time to time when I want  to make a virtual walk in the woods.  (Note: There is not a big number of players actually, I think, but enough to find company during week-ends, and there is still a big update coming in 2020).  

There are also, in the same graphic style, the games Shelter (1,2 and soon 3), short solo games with a survival aspect.  Owning these games unlocks some animals at the start in Meadow


i’ve actually never played pokemon but this is how i assume it works.


To promote their online store, Epic Games are now offering a free game every week, and even two games (if one of the game is not for all ages).  For PC (don’t know for Mac)

Actually: This War of Mine and Moonlighter  until August 2

Alan Wake and For Honor (August 2 – August 9) 

(Note: I will not post about these freebies every time, so, if you are interested simply check the Epic Games site (new offer every Thursday afternoon and they announce in advance the offer for the following week).  


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