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In this interview I talk with Stephen about his gateway into acting, having portrayed one of Jabba’s Gamorrean Guards. His character meets his demise at the hands of “Luke Skywalker” aboard a barge in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

Stephen talks about his friendship with fellow cast mate Corey Dee Williams, and the two formed a band together.

He also discusses the physical set and prop construction on Return of the Jedi, and how there was so much detail and soul put into the design, including things like the blasters and smaller items, compared to using green screen technology. He mentions how today many directors are going back to this technique of physical set and prop design vs CGI.

He lastly mentions his music CD that you can get on Spotify, and itunes.

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Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

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In this interview I talk with Michael about the Imperial Commissary Collector Convention, the new things they had for their second year including many vintage Star Wars collectors as well as having two Rocket Firing Boba Fett’s at the event, plus a variety of new celebrity guests. Michael talks about his passion for collecting, and what the event is all about. Lastly he also talks a bit about whats in store for next year, as well info about the main group on Facebook as well as the various sub groups, and podcast.

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Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

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Sizzle reel from SciFiction’s coverage of ICCC 2019!!


Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

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George Pal’s 1953 Classic Science Fiction Film “The War Of The Worlds” Is Now In 4K UHD!

Recently we received a message from one of SciFiction’s “Top fans” on Facebook Micheal Morelock

who informed us that the 1953 classic sci-fi film is now available for purchase in 4K UHD.

We would like to thank Micheal for letting the Sci-fi community in on this!


For info on how you can get your copy follow the link below:


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Imperial Probe Droid concept art from The Empire Strikes Back (1980) by Ralph McQuarrie, April 1978

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